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Gaitrite Systems
A Portable Walkway for instantaneous Analysis of Gait.
  • 14' portable carpet with 16,128 sensors, captures electronic footprints instantly!
  • Measure cadence, step length, velocity and other gait parameters.
  • All parameters can be tracked, reported, and graphed within minutes.
  • Assess step-by-step variability to determine dynamic balance and predict fall risk.

  • GAITRite effortlessly provides valid and reliable measurements in real-time, such as: cadence, step length, velocity and many other important gait parameters!
  • Fall risk assessment with “stride-to-stride variability in velocity”
  • Documenting gait patterns prior to any intervention
  • Measuring functional ambulation immediately after treatment / intervention
  • Matching objective gait parameters with subjective findings
  • Refining proper alignment and fit of prosthetics & orthotics
  • Selecting the appropriate assistive device

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