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The Epley Omniax
The Epley Omniax System assists medical professionals to Detect, Differentiate, Treat, and Manage all forms of positional vertigo, including those caused by non-particle medical disorders, classic BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and its many variants.

The Epley Omniax System consists of an automated multi-axial (EpleyOmniax360) patient positioning device, infrared video goggles, and a proprietary software with 3-D real-time monitoring and measurement of nystagmus, spatial orientation of the patient and of the semi-circular canals.

Designed to include these features and benefits:
  • Detect and differentiate subtle, latent, transient or combined compound nystagmus patterns using a standard or custom menu of positions and maneuvers.

  • Easily maneuver and hold the patient in any position to observe, record and instantly play back nystagmus relative to the 3-D spatial orientation of the semi-circular canals.

  • Efficiently perform multiple assessment and treatment maneuvers within a session since the Omniax is safe, comfortable, and practical for both patient and operator.

  • Standardize care with repeatable, comparable, and precise maneuvers.

  • Comprehensively manage all patients with position-related nystagmus and optimize outcomes for even the most difficult cases.

  • The Epley Omniax System is a precision management tool, an integral component in the vestibular test battery. It provides information that is both unique and complementary to ENG / VNG, rotary chair, and posturographic testing in the management of patients with vestibular disorder
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