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Promoters and the Key Persons
Promoters and the Key Persons

Vivek Nadkarni
Vivek Nadkarni has a Masters Degree in Physics and Business Management from the University of Mumbai. Vivek has had an exciting career of 30 years working in the Bio-Medical Equipment Industry. The first 18 years have been effectively spent working with Companys in India and overseas like Blue Star / Hewlett Packard, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Hinditron Schiller handling Country-wide sales, Product Management. The last 12 years as Managing Director of Graphic Devices.

Tanuja Nadkarni
Tanuja Nadkarni has a degree in Mathematics. A Computer programmer by profession and a teacher at heart, Tanuja started her career as a Programmer and Software Consultant, developing several small office automation projects for various Organizations and Institutions. Tanuja conducted corporate trainings and was a guest lecturer at a Management School. At Graphic Devices Clinical Application and training is her prime responsibility.

Both Vivek and Tanuja have a passion for the outdoors. Their love for nature, animals, concern for the environment and their quest for setting the right balance between work, life and development have always been a guiding factor for all their business decisions. Today they work out of their 7-acre farm Huli-de-Vana at Chitrapur, a small hamlet in north coastal Karnataka with the aim to integrate corporate vision and sustainable organic farming to contribute to a pollution free environment. Please visit www.hulidevana.in to know more about this activity.

K. Srikanth
K. Srikanth an Electronics Engineer with 24 years of Experience in the Medical Equipment Industry. Srikanth has been with Graphic Devices since its inception and has the responsibility of the Southern India. Srikanth's years of experience has been with companies like Marquette, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Hinditron Schiller, Televital and Prognosys Medical Systems. Srikanths technical knowledge and market intelligence makes him a valuable asset to the Organisation.

Manoj Kumar Das
Manoj Kumar Das an Electronics Engineer has over 25 years of experience in the Industry. Manoj's strengths are his excellent contacts built over the years in Institutions like Defense, Steel Plants, Coal / Mining Sector, Railways and Sports. Manoj has been with Graphic Devices since its inception and has worked with Vivek for over 2 decades. Manoj holds the position of a Regional Director responsible for the Eastern Region operations.

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