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VICON Motion Capture

Motion Capture at its best.

Vicon has a range of cameras and software solutions to suit all your requirements and budget. You can choose from a simple basic start-up configuration right up to the most sophisticated state-of art motion capture system.

The T Series Cameras provide unmatched resolution and accuracy. Available in 1, 2, 4 or 16 Megapixels with a maximum of 2000 FPS, these cameras give you the highest resolution and accuracy. With an option for outdoor capture as well, these cameras provides a full frame true electronic global shutter ensuring you get the best outdoor quality data.

In addition to the T series, Bonita is Vicons next generation camera, combining size, power, and price performance into one amazing solution. Compact and light (an amazing 0.5 lb) Bonitas speed, flexibility and affordability redefine the possibilities of motion capture.

Vicons Field of View (FOV) options allow you to mix and match three different lens and strobe combinations for each camera, increasing strobe efficiency for maximum marker clarity on any environment.

The core unit connecting the PC and the cameras is the MX Giganet. With an astounding capacity to connect upto 244 cameras on a single system (scalable to more), a 5 port Ethernet switch to connect to 4 other devices, including Basler GigE cameras as well as timecode and genlock to sync reference video with mocap data. For life science professionals, the Giganet can be configured with a 64-channel analog card to connect and sync Force plates and EMG as well.

All this put together with Vicons Software solutions provide for the best Motion Capture experience ever.

Nexus the first Life Science-specific motion capture software on the market, BodyBuilder designed specifically to make the implementation of biomechanical models quick and easy, Polygon for reporting and presentation tools to communicate and share your data professionally, and a host of plug-in applications give you tremendous flexibility in configuring your system.

So whether it's to understand the gait cycle of a child, the swimming action of an Olympic athlete, or to capture the movement of a lobster - Vicon has a solution.

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